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About FindLine

Proven and Professional

Terre Christensen has been recruiting since 2012 primarily in the downstream oil and gas, cement, and biofuels industries.  35 years of coaching have honed skills useful in vetting candidates, negotiating winning offers, and assisting clients in the search process. 

Terre is married to Kevin and lives in Monument, Colorado.



  • Commitment to partnering with clients to find, engage, and sign the best talent available. 
  • Commitment to understanding both industry and company culture for win/win matches. 
  • Commitment to providing a personal level of professional customer service.

Why FindLine

Proven performance, responsiveness, and determination to understand roles and client needs set FindLine apart from competitors.  Terre takes the time to understand the obvious and the subtle variables involved in candidate searches including client challenges and limitations. With excellent communication and follow through, Terre delivers.


Clients and Candidates weigh in...

Owner, Manufacturing: “Where does Terre keep finding these guys?” (Following third successful placement.) 

Refinery, Maintenance Manager: “Thank you for your diligence.  I know you can find the right person.  You did great with the Electrical Engineer search!” 

Scott, refinery client, Hiring Manager: “I really enjoy the candidate questionnaires that accompany the resumes you send us.  Those are beneficial to get to know the candidate.” 

Dave, hiring manager manufacturing industry: “Congratulations on your recent promotion. You definitely deserve it. Our company president told me that you were the most professional recruiter that he has been involved with. He was spot on with that assessment.” 

Judy, candidate, Regulatory: “Thank you for providing the attached resource material in preparation for my phone interview with the hiring manager.  I thank you for doing the same.” 

Rick, candidate manufacturing industry: “Terre, I really appreciate your taking time with me for your very well structured prep! You are truly a PRO! Thanks Coach. I especially want to thank you for your excellent and very professional work with all parties during this protracted process.  It is the most drawn out decision process I have engaged in on the career front.  Your confidence in me, and your excellent communications, made the process much more palatable. Based upon my personal experience, I have recommended you to other executive friends engaged in making a job change.” 

Michele, HR Director, biofuels client: “Great job on those references!  You saved me a huge amount of time!  You are the only person I trust to do reference checks on our behalf, and this is worth a great deal to me.” 

Cathy, candidate placed biofuels: “Thanks so much for all your support during the interview process. You are truly a delight to work with.”  

Brenda, HR, refinery client: “You’ve spoiled me! I don’t like working with other recruiters because they don’t do everything you do for me to facilitate the process.” 

Dave, candidate, lubricants placement: “Terre recruited me for a new position with my current company. Having worked with one or two recruiters in the past few years, I have to say that Terre's approach demonstrated an honest concern for the softer aspects of the transition. Not only did she do the work to insure that I was a good match for the company culture, but she supported me throughout the entire process, communicating frequently to insure that I was able to negotiate the difficulties of giving notice to my old company. I honestly felt that Terre had my interests as a high priority, and she made the transition easier than it could have been. I would work with Terre again in the future without hesitation. I have rarely if ever worked with a recruiter when I genuinely felt that he or she had my interests in mind.  Usually the recruit interests come in a distant third or fourth.” 

Clark, refinery client, hiring manager: “All of your candidates whom I have visited with have been very professional. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf.” 

Dave, lubricant client:  “Terre, Thank you! I am very impressed with how easily you were able to put us together. One resume, one offer…..done deal. If there is a way this could have gone better I am not smart enough to figure out how.”  

Laura, HR, refinery client: “By the way, the Purchasing Manager was very complimentary of your profiles when I spoke to him this morning.  He really likes the additional information that you provide.” 

David, lubricant client: “I know how hard you’ve worked our search and I tell everyone how capable and professional you are.” 

Maria, candidate, Regulatory: “I appreciate all of the time and preparation that it has taken you to make this connection.  You did a very nice job on the candidate profile, made my words sound quite eloquent. Thank you!!!”    

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